The Shore Market is HOT!!!

Maria Sacco Handle
Published on April 5, 2017

The Shore Market is HOT!!!

The real estate market at the shore is on fire!  Appointments on our listings are up, the under contracts (which will soon be our sold inventory) are up, and we are booking 6-7 buyer appointments each week.  

But, why?  Why now?  We are having the perfect storm – so to speak.  

1.  The immediate return of investors to the shore!  They are pulling their money out of the stock market and buying properties in South Jersey.  

2.  The stock market is seeing an all time high which is creating additional money for someone thinking of buying a second home at the shore.  

3.  PENT UP BUYING POWER!  There are buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the bottom and with interest rates ticking up a notch, they are now making their move.  

4.  Interest Rates are on the Rise.  In a shore market, a small increase in interest rates may mean the difference of $500.00 per month.  

5.  Market indicators.  A 28% increase in first quarter sales!  This quick phenomenon is causing a decrease in inventory which will eventually create a demand in all of our shore markets.  All of this is great news for our sellers!  

So what is the message?  I’ve been quite a few years to say this…now is the time to list your shore house!   The image above is perfect.  The match is lit… the others will soon follow.  

So what are your next steps?  Start by getting a feel for what your shore market is doing and what your home is worth.  We will reach out to you and prepare a FREE Market Analysis.  Seeing your house in person would be ideal and if you can get us in, that would be wonderful!  

We supply the information for you to make an educated decision about selling your home based on what the market is currently doing.  The numbers do not lie – it is our job to keep on top of them and guide you as they change.  

Next you would prepare your home to sell and ensure that it is easily accessible to last minute showings (yes, our market is moving that fast right now).  

Prepare for an easy settlement!  We use top of the line technology to make the sale move along using a central online transaction room for you to upload any information needed.  

Moving on… we help you in your transition from one shore house to another or to another state and can refer you to successful agents in other areas of our country.

If you are still contemplating whether it is your time to sell, give us a call at (609) 705-2424.  We can provide some local insight and give you weekly or monthly updates until you are ready.  

For a Free Market Anylsis click here.