The Cove Dredging Project

Jessica Cato - July 22, 2022

The NJDOT has informed the City that they will be moving forward with the Dredging of St. George’s Thorofare and the Cove Beach Replenishment.

This project will be completed in stages and will only close sections of the beach at a time. (Starting with the most eroded/ least usable first)

Originally, this project was scheduled for next year, but the DOT asked if we would be open to having it done this year if the funding and resources became available.  

Due to the safety factors and dire need of a beach replenishment for the Cove Beach, the City agreed.

Outline of the project:

  • The NJDOT will begin moving equipment into place within the next two weeks (sometime between 7/16 & 7/30)
  • Dredging is scheduled to begin in early August and will be completed in stages. 
  • The project will take 4-6 weeks, depending on weather.
  • This dredging project will also include a beach replenishment for the Cove beach.
  • The replenishment will start at the St George’s end and work eastward.
  • As the project moves forward, sections of the beaches will be closed off to the public. 
  • For safety reasons, please stay clear of all equipment on the beaches and in the water.
  • There are no plans to close off the entire cove at any given time.
  • Boat access through St. George’s will be severely limited for the entirety of the project.

It is important to note, this approach and timeframe is subject to change depending on unforeseen circumstances or operational needs.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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