BCBP Race Team Wins Again

BCBP via FB - July 28, 2022

Congratulations to our race team for winning 1st place at Ship Bottom’s tonight! Our line up consisted of: 

Andy Thomas, Mike Brooks, Dom Scifo, and Luke Emig competing in the swim relay. 

The paddle pickup was Sven Peltonen and Sean O’Neill. 

Next was the boat relay with Joe Savell and Jack Savell followed by Mike Brooks and Will Hoffman and finishing it off was Sven Peltonen and Sean O’Neill. 

We had a paddle relay with Sven Peltonen, Sean O’Neill, Will Hoffman, and Jack Savell. 

The 1,000ft row was the Savell brothers Joe and Jack. 

Lastly, we had the iron man relay with Andy Thomas and Sven Peltonen swimming and paddling, Matt Winterbottom as our runner, and Jack Savell and Joe Savell rowing. 

We cannot wait for more races this summer and would like to congratulate our race team once again for an amazing performance this evening!

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